Borders.Crests – Yang Shang-feng Solo Exhibition

Exhibition: 2023.11.11-2024.01.05

Opening Reception: 11.18(六)14:30

Curator: WANG I-WEN

In his 2023 series entitled “Borders.Crests”, Yang Shang-feng brought his reflections on these topics - were gained over many years in working in fashion design, iron sculpture, synthetic wood, paper and mixed media. His experiences allowed him to create objects which could be strong but light, stable but also gracefully elegant: abstractions of his thoughts and inner world. 

While from a distance, his work looks as if hard metal grasps tightly on wall in a flying motion; or on close examination, his sculpture looks like broken iron pieces, crowded together, resembling the crashing of water on rocks, generating broken waves, their peaks pushing and overlapping, one after another.

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