Nostalgia, Mass ceremony – these people, those people – Xu Bi-Mei Solo Exhibition

Exhibition: 2022.07.10-2022.08.20

Opening Reception: 2022.7.16 14:00 P.M.

    The artist Xu Bimei is a connoisseur of antiquities trading, and lives in a society where she works very hard. Besides, she said: “She is a small businessman who works hard in the society, but she pursuits the most in her heart to be an artist's of independent themes. At the same time, she is also an artist who likes to read many kinds of books, aesthetic, philosophy, Egyptology. She can stay in the library of Tainan University of Arts for several days and stay there to read books. She is a materialist and an idealist She said: Art is completely the artist's personal practice, and there is no room for compromise because of the art commercial market. Xu Bimei is that there are nostalgic series, strong issues, deep thinking, and constantly challenge herself A maverick artist of. Walk alone and lonely, but true in expression.

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